What is skipwise?

The skipwise program is represented by 4 Chinese characters:
飛考探留 -Hikoutanryu- Skipping, Knowledge stock, Professional experience, and Iinternational study.
Chiba University is becoming a global campus with the concept of “Hikoutanryu

探 Professional Experience

Encourage students’ challenges in real world.

  • Expand opportunities of global internship and global volunteer both in Japan and abroad.
  • Encourage students to accumulate social experience.

飛 Skipping

Offer a variety of course lengths.

  • Special features of Chiba University such as early admission and accelerated graduation will be promoted.
  • Implement a global program that offers a variety of course length requirements.

留 International Study

Provide more opportunities to study abroad.

  • Encourage students to improve their language competency.
  • Foster “Internationally-minded Japanese” who have multicultural understanding along with identity as Japanese.

考 Knowledge Stock

Encourage students’ proactive attitude
towards their learning.

  • Establish a new subsidiary subject “Global Program for Japanese Studies” and increase students’ knowledge about both Japanese and foreign culture.
  • Focus on “Active Learning” and motivate students to actively involve in classes.