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Improve your English ability!

Improve your English ability!

Take “English Communication classes” and build confidence in using English.

Being a global leader is not just about having language proficiency, but also about having competence to present your own opinions. English Communication classes are focused on improving students’ communicative competence in English, and British Council conducts the program.

All the instructors are native English speakers, and the course is especially designed for Chiba University students. Students can effectively improve their English communicative competence by studying in small groups depending on their proficiency levels.

Join “English Communication classes” and develop confidence in expressing your own opinions.

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Make progress in using English in English House

English House is a place for casual English conversation. The facility has opened in Student Support Center in December 2012 with a concept of “Enjoy, Talk and Study English”.

The first floor of English House is called “English Lounge” where students can interact in English. Overseas news program is broadcasted in the lounge, so you can learn current trends of the world in English. MANGA and English materials are also available to improve your language skills.

The second floor of English House is called “English Support Center”. Students can attend individual lessons taught by English teachers. There are credited courses such as Exam Preparation Class, Business Communication Class, and English Communication Class for Beginners. Exchange Programme (LEX Programme) is also available to learn various kinds of languages. In this program, Japanese students will be paired up with international students, and they will learn each other’s languages.

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