2. English Communication

English Communication classes are focused on improving students’ communicative competence in English.

Requirements for the English Communication category

The minimum requirement for "English Communication" is 8 credits, and the maximum number of credits that can be included in the Global Program for Japanese Studies from this category is 24 credits. (for those who enrolled in or after FY2016) You are recommended to take English Communication class repeatedly in order to improve your English ability.

GatewayEnglish CommunicationStudy
International ExperienceRequirements (credits)
Lecture-type Seminar-type
Short-term Long-term Internship Volunteer
1-10 0-10 8-24 4-8 2-4 30

* The above requirements are for those who enrolled in or after FY2016. For the requirements for students who enrolled in or before 2015, please see the Global Program for Japanese Studies booklet.

Developed General Education < General Education Course
English Communication subjects are categorized in Developed General Education subjects (教養展開科目). All the instructors are native English speakers, and students can effectively improve their English communicative competence by studying in small groups depending on their proficiency levels.

Specialized courses and Graduate courses
Some subjects included in specialized courses and graduate courses are included in the English Communication category.