Global Internship Program

Students will have the opportunity to experience internship in companies and organizations both in Japan and overseas. Students will be able to deepen their understanding of the skills and knowledge that are needed in global society.

Destinations of past programs:
Indonesia (University of Indonesia + internship in companies)
Malaysia (PBL in company)
Hawaii (Internship about environmental tourism)
Hong Kong (PBL in travel agency)
India (Internship in companies)
* PBL stands for Project Based Learning

Course description

In order to complete the Global Internship program, students need to take pre-course and post-course education in addition to participating in internship activities in companies.
≪ Selected ⇒ Pre-course education + Internship or PBL in the company + Post-course education (report of the internship experience) ⇒ Gain credits ≫
* Pre-course education is registered as a subject under the name "Pre-course Education for Global Internship (グローバルインターンシップ事前学習)". 1 credit will be awarded on completion of the class.

Application information

Application period
  Summer program: April to May
  Spring program: October to November

 Undergraduate 2nd year or above
* Some programs (mainly spring program) accept Undergraduate 1st year students.

Course schedule
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Programs in FY2018

Summer program FY2018

Spring program FY2018
Application information≫ (Only in Japanese)
Hong Kong program (PDF)
India program (PDF)
Malaysia program (PDF)

 Center for the Promotion of Higher Education(General Education)(Only in Japanese)

Contact: Naoki Sakiyama, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
nasastar (at)