Global Volunteer Program

Students will engage in volunteering in NPOs or international organizations in and out of Japan. Students will gain an ability to solve problems in global society through interacting with people in those organizations.

Programs in Japan:
Volunteering at Narita Airport, support for fair trade events
Study support for students with roots in foreign countries
Daily life support for volunteers from overseas
Programs overseas:
Digging wells, developing infrastructure, taking care of kids in kindergarten

Course description

In order to complete the Global Volunteer program, students need to take pre-course and post-course education in addition to participating in volunteering activities.
≪ Selected ⇒ Pre-course education + Volunteering activity + Post-course education (report of the volunteer experience) ⇒ Gain credits ≫
* Pre-course education is registered as a subject under the name "Pre-course education for Global Volunteer (グローバルボランティア事前学習)". 1 credit will be awarded on completion of the class.

Application information

Class level and target students

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Application period
  April to May

Course schedule
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 Center for the Promotion of Higher Education(General Education)(Only in Japanese)

Contact: Ayako Sasaki, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
asasaki (at)

You can find information of Global Volunteer on Twitter and facebook
■twitter:@chiba_u_gv ■facebook: Search by 「Global Volunteer (グローバルボランティア in Japanese)」