Global Internship/Global Volunteer

Global Internship

Students will have opportunity to experience internship in companies and organizations in Japan as well as overseas countries. Students will be able to deepen their understanding of the ability and knowledge that are needed in global society.
Destinations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Hawaii and Hong Kong and India

Global Volunteer

Students will engage in volunteering in NPOs or International organizations in and out of Japan. Students will gain ability to solve problems in global society through interacting with people in those organizations.

*Programs in Japan:
Volunteering at Narita Airport, support for fair trade events
Study support for the students with roots in foreign countries
Daily life support for volunteers from overseas

*Programs in overseas:
Digging well, developing infrastructure, taking care of kids in kindergarten

Category of Global Internship and Volunteer program

There are programs both in Japan and overseas in Global Internship and Global Volunteer Program. These programs are originally classified in “Study Abroad” category. However, if the program includes activities in overseas country, credits earned in Global Internship or Global Volunteer can be calculated as credits in “International Study” category.

 Center for the Promotion of Higher Education(General Education)(Only in Japanese)