Registration procedure

1 Registering for the Global Program for Japanese Studies on Moodle

(1) Log in to a Moodle site of Chiba University
(2) Click on "All courses" tab
(3) Click on "全学教育プログラム">『国際日本学(GPJS00001)』
(4) Click "私を登録する (Register me)" on the bottom of the screen (no registration key needed)
⇒ You are registered

2 Planning course registration

You have to fulfill the requirement of credits fixed for each category.
There are the following four distinctive categories:
Gateway, English Communication, Study Abroad, and International Experience.
The lower limit of the credit requirement is fixed depending on each category. You have to satisfy the requirements of each category as well as acquiring a certain number of credits.

3 Registering for courses on the Student Portal

Access the Student Portal (学生ポータル in Japanese) and register for the classes on the website.
*If you are a graduate student, you have to register as a credit auditor. For further information, please consult with the administration office of your graduate school.

Please note...

English Communication classes

  Be sure to apply for the English Communication class which best suits your level using the application form on the skipwise website prior to the registration on the Student Portal.
Also, please note that the registration period for English Communication classes is shorter than for other subjects.

Study Abroad, Global Internship and Global Volunteer

You need to undertake an application process before registering on the Student Portal.
The necessary steps for the application will be explained in the guidance for each program.
Applicants for the study abroad, internship and volunteering programs will be selected by screening or interview.

4 Attending the classes according to the course registration

Attend the classes or participate in the programs you registered for. You are recommended to use the “Learning history recording sheet (学習記録シート)”. With this sheet, you can manage your learning history for the Global Program for Japanese Studies.
Please download the sheet below. The sheets vary according to the fiscal year you enrolled in Chiba University. Be sure to choose the sheet for your admission year.

Learning history recording sheet (48 credits_in and before FY2014).xlsx
Learning history recording sheet (48 credits_in FY2015).xlsx
Learning history recording sheet (30 credits_in and after FY2016).xlsx

5 Applying for the Certificate

Remember, you need to apply for certificate of the Global Program for Japanese Studies. If you have fulfilled the prescribed credits from the Global Program for Japanese Studies, apply for certificate to the Office for Top Global University Project. A certificate will not be awarded without this application.

 Required documents for the application

Application form for the completion of the program

Learning history recording sheet


6 Completion of the Global Program for Japanese Studies

A certificate will be awarded on completion of your academic curriculum. This certificate proves that you are highly qualified person as a global professional.