Registration procedure

Registration Procedure

You have to meet the requirement of credits fixed for each category.
There are the following four distinctive categories:
“Gateway,” “English Communication,” “International Study,” and “International Experience.”
Lower limit of the credit requirement is fixed depending on each category. You have to satisfy the requirement of each category as well as acquiring certain number of credits.

Registration for the course has to be done by website.
Access “Web registration system” via computers that are connected to Internal LAN. Be aware that some subjects do not accept web registration.
*If you are a graduate student, you have to register as a credit auditor. For further information, please consult with the administration office of your graduate school.

Registration period for English Communication classes is shorter than other subjects.

For more information

Registration for International Studies, Global Volunteers and Internships are not supported by web registration system.
The necessary steps for application will be explained in the guidance for each program.
Delegates for internship and volunteer program will be selected by interview.

Application for Certificate

Remember, you need to apply for certificate of Global Program for Japanese Studies.
If you have acquired certain number of credits from Global Program for Japanese Studies, apply for certificate to the Global Resources Office. A certificate will be awarded on completion of your academic curriculum. This certificate proves that you are highly qualified person as a global professional.