1. Can I join the skipwise program?

Of course you can. There are no requirements for attending the skipwise program. Chiba University makes efforts to nurture students who can succeed in the international community. We provide English education focusing on communicative competence and a scholarship program for studying abroad. Everyone is welcome to join the skipwise program. We are always happy to give you any support.

2. Is there any advice on choosing subjects from the Global Program for Japanese Studies?

The Global Program for Japanese Studies consists of four distinct categories, and each category has an upper and lower limit of credit requirements. The program offers a flexible curriculum, so that you can design your own curriculum according to your preferences and interests.
Choose globally oriented subjects that you are interested in, and become actively involved in those classes. You will be able to complete the Global Program for Japanese Studies.

3. I am a graduate student. Can I take the Global Program for Japanese Studies course?

Yes, you can. The Global Program for Japanese Studies includes not only general education subjects, but also specialized and graduate subjects. This is a minor program for both undergraduate and graduate students. If you are a graduate student, and want to take classes from general education, then you have to register as a credit auditor. For further information, please consult with the administration office of your graduate school.

4. What is the special feature of "Active Learning"?

Active learning subjects focus on students' proactive learning, and those subjects are conducted in the form of workshops, group discussions or other active learning formats. Chiba University believes that Active Learning is effective to develop the global talent of students.

5. Does the skipwise program make it easier to study abroad?

The skipwise program provides various kinds of programs, and encourages more students to join study abroad programs.

  • If you are worried about expenses for studying abroad.....
    the skipwise program may provide students with financial support for studying abroad programs
  • If you are hesitating to study abroad because you think you would have to take time off from school to do so.......
    the skipwise program offers short-term overseas study programs during summer and spring vacation. You do not have to take time off from school to participate in those short programs.

6. I am not sure which study abroad program to choose.

Chiba University offers Study Abroad Guidance in April and October, and provides information about study abroad programs. You can also find program information in the Study Abroad Guidebook. Learn about the features of each program, and compare the objectives, destinations, duration and expenses. It is also important to clarify your purpose of studying abroad. Ask yourself why you want to study abroad, and attend the guidance to gain as much information as possible. You should be able to find a program that would suit you.

7. Can everyone join the global volunteer or global internship program? Can I attend the program more than once?

Requirements for language proficiency variy depending on the program. If you are interested, you should attend the guidance session and you will be able to get detailed information. Applicants are required to participate in preparation and follow-up education before and after the experience, and they also have to report their international experience.
It is possible to attend volunteer and internship programs multiple times. But some of the faculties set an upper limit of the credits for each term. You are advised to make sure how many classes you can register for during one term.

8. Should I undertake an application procedure in order to receive a certificate of the Global Program for Japanese Studies?

If you want to gain the certificate, you need to apply during a certain period. For example, if you graduate in September, the application period will be in July. If you graduate in March, the application period will be in December. Detailed information is given on the skipwise program website. A certificate will be awarded on completion of your academic curriculum.
Registration on Moode is also required before you start taking the Global Program for Japanese Studies. Detailed information is explained on the Rgistration procedure webpage.
For more FAQs about the Global Program for Japanese Studies, please see here.